Pure Organic Castile Soap

by Essential Products for Essential Oils

Make your own disinfecting counter spray, mop your floors, and even wash your dishes with our castile soap. Castile soap is commonly defined as any natural soap (either bar or liquid) that is processed with almost entirely vegetable oil. Because it contains NO SYNTHETIC FOAMING AGENTS, it is milder for the skin than sulfate-loaded body washes and is universally used for body care as well as laundry and household cleaning.

It has a very fluid consistency with a slight oil aroma.

If diluting with essential oils, it is recommended to not exceed 2%, as separation may occur. 2% is approximately 10-12 drops per ounce of soap.

Test a small portion before diluting the entire bottle. Essential oils will blend into castile soap very differently. Packaged in easily recyclable packaging (#1 P.E.T. Plastic).

Ingredients: water, potassium oleate*, potassium cocoate**, glycerin***, potassium citrate, and citric acid

*derived from organic sunflower oil
** derived from organic coconut oil
*** organic origin